1. Wow – that sucks about your twitter account. I can only guess how much work you had put into that. As for the domain transfers that your friend experienced, that is truly awful. I need to change my domain login to something even more cryptic, I think.

  2. Terrible thing to lose something that you have put so much time into whether it be a twitter account, a blog or anything else. Its hard to find the motivation to start from scratch.

    I heard about famousbloggers too and it prompted me to shell out for protected registration for my own domains which will hopefully prevent a similar thing from happening.

  3. Oh h…
    It’s sad. Agree with Matt it’s very painful to lose something that you have put so much time and effort. Whatever it is. It’s little difficult to start again.

  4. wow…so sorry to hear that man. that must’ve been years of work down the drain. That starts to get me thinking about those people who offer to get you 1000 twitter followers for certain price and whatnot. Maybe they’re hacking people’s accounts to get access to all these tweeters.

  5. Heard about Famous bloggers domain name loss,and now your twitter account.Whats happening to the security of someones blog or website.I very hard to come up with the same boost when your best thing ever gets hacked for no reason.What would someone do with twitter account….?? Now i just hope you will get started soon and take security concerns to protect your domain name.

    is difficult to start from the bottom again but its not impossible.Hard work will surely get you success. Good Luck.

  6. Sometimes people are enjoying to hack other’s account. But it’s really very much hectic especially for those who run their online business and receive their important emails.. This post is best one.

  7. 🙁 It’s very bad.. It’s little difficult to start again from the beginning..but its not impossible..if you do hard work you get success and more famous then that one…all the best do great job … good luck

  8. Hi Gary,

    Sorry to hear about the bad news. And yes – the amount of hacking that’s been reported over the web the last couple of months are absolutely crazy! Hope you get everything sorted out quickly and be able to continue with your normal daily business and activities (including on twitter).

  9. It is very sad news to read about your twitter account and Hesham was also in problem because of hackers. Now there should be some security measures to protect twitter account and domain names. For domain name namecheap.com is providing good service.

  10. Hackers tend to ruin it for many people, including those like yourself. It’s a pain to worry about our accounts getting hacked, but the possibility is always there!

  11. Too bad you lost your account and that Twitter didn’t help you :-/
    But do you know how it was hacked ? I recommend you the free software Keepass, it allow you to safely store all your passwords in it, so you can have complex and different passwords for each sites.

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